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The World of Modelling - All About Models

The World of Modelling - All About Models

modeling and models 
Modelling is the reproduction of a subject, usually in miniature, using any available materials, from wood or metal to any synthetic materials.  Some models can be made to be mobile and some remain immobile.  Modelling is a fascinating hobby, improving concentration; artistic talents, problem solving, accuracy, plan and drawing reading, dexterity, organizational skills, reading, photography and more.  Not only that, but modelling is also a great hobby to share with children.  It is a pastime to help teach your children all the skills above, as well as patience and the ability to follow a project through to completion.  Military models offer an interesting historical insight, and the process can be a great way to bond with your kids as you spend the time working together.

Modelling subjects cover everything from simple hand tools to complex machinery.  There are static figures and buildings, as well as ready to run model trains and cars, radio control cars, boats and ships to aircraft, rockets and helicopters.  So, whatever your enthusiasm, there is probably a model type to suit you, with virtually infinite variations to keep you busy. 

There is a rich and varied history of collecting models, which has been a pastime for as long as humans have had a place to keep them safe! Ranging from the votic images of gods used by ancient soldiers to the Napoleonic bone model ships made by prisoner of war, humans have ever been fascinated by miniature versions of people and events from cultures both familiar and new. 

Creating a model allows you to express your individuality in building something that no on else has.  Of course, your model may be made by thousands of others, but as a modeller, you have the ability to make them show your interests.  Some modellers choose to create their pieces straight from the box and follow the instructions as carefully as possible, but while keeping it accurate, you are still able to imprint your interests and personality on every model you finish. 

The different genres of modelling interest can range from the earliest roman soldiers to the latest rendition of a sci fi space ship, with a host of variations in between.  In fact, modelling is often used in the film industry to create special effects that could not be done without expensive CGI equipment.  This makes many types of modelling much more accessible to younger generations; and modelling is now starting to have a resurgence of people who built the older Airfix type models in their youth, and are now finding it a relaxing hobby to share with the children. 
   models and modelling

The advent of the internet has made research for modelling a great deal easier than it used to be, and with the explosion of online shopping, you can shop from the comfort of your own home, order items that the local model shop does not stock and have them delivered to your door.  In the UK we are fortunate enough to have some of the best smaller cottage industry model companies around, who often are small one man businesses who produce some of the best models, accessories, full kits and figures that are available anywhere in the world.  The increase in new technologies means there is now a plethora of types of models now readily available, making it an ever more accessible hobby.

Next time you happen to see a model shop or show, why not pop in and see how the market has changed in recent years? There are some excellent societies with in the UK, which support modelling and hold model shows and exhibitions around the country, who can offer further information:


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