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Re-enactment - Living History


Re-enactment style activities have a rich and interesting history.  Pitched by enthusiast as living history, re-enactments can take the form of recreating either a specific moment, for example a battle, or in fact an entire period and location, for example Dickensian London or medieval village life.  Battle re-enactments have been taking place since as far back as Roman times, with stories and costumes being fully played out to signify the glory of battle.  There is also a modern trend towards living history in many museums and educational facilities, as the process has the effect of really bringing a period to life and making it more accessible for the viewer.

Re-enactment is also a keen hobby, which is increasingly popular in the UK.  Most enthusiast belong to a re-enactment group who focus in specific periods or fields of interest; for example Medieval sieges or the English Civil War period, and some are more keen on authenticity than others.  Some societies, for example The Sealed Knot, Britain’s largest living history group, encourage the preservation of historical and antique artefacts as part of their mission.

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