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Painting Restoration

Restoring a Painting With a ‘Turn Over’ Edge

This set of photographs illustrate a typical problem to be solved in an art conservation studio.

Over time, this painting has lost its strength and therefore its ability to hold correctly to the stretcher, due to being altered at some point in its life.  The edge of the painting has been used to form a ‘turn over’ edge, mimicking the modern trend for block canvasses in which the painting continues round the size of the canvas.  The resulting problem is that the composition has now been interfered with; the drawing and painting is ‘lost’ around the edge of the painting, altering the composition and focus from the original artwork.

An artist with the draftsman skills of Abraham Hulk Snr would of course not have painted round the corners of his canvas, and this alteration is problematical both to the strength of the paintings structure and to its original composition.

A skilled, experienced conservator will be able to restore the painting to its original composition – the photos illustrate:

1.  All of the painting with the damaged edges is put on to a new canvas

2.  The missing canvas on the edges is substituted with a painters filler

3.  Small spots of paint are put on as a substitute for the original

4.  A new stretcher is provided.  This new stretcher can now be made to the original size of the painting in the first place!

Supplied by Justin Hawkes Conservation Studio
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