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Military Antiques

Military antiques is an ever growing field and encompasses a huge range of historical events and data, and is therefore an ever increasing hobby.  In some cases, interest in militaria might be sparked by an inherited piece or an interesting find, in others; collections of militaria have been passed through families and added to along the way.  It might to some seem like rather a bloodthirsty hobby, but the sheer volume of items available makes it a relatively easy speciality for beginners to try their hand at collecting, and in fact a lot of collectables in this field are far less violent then they sound. 

There is some stunning war art, prints and originals to learn about, from the surreal and frightening Picasso’s Guernica to the lush landscapes of the Nash paintings of WWII; which contrast wildly with some of the more amusing propaganda posters for recruitment and so on, all of which provide an incredible window into perceptions of war and its consequences as well as the more obvious violence of weaponry. 

Military antiques is a term covering a huge number of items from weaponry to uniforms, insignia, military art, models and toys, propaganda and more, and can range from items related to ancient warfare to pieces from WWII or Korean war artifacts.  The world of military models is also complex, with specialist firms now supplying and creating entire armies with an astonishing degree of accuracy – see our model dealers for more information on the ranges available.

As with any other form of antique or collectable, one mans rubbish is another mans treasure, but there is a big market in military antiques, and this is a fascinating field to start looking at.  A proliferation of sites and dealers offer almost every type of military antiques you can think of, and there is the obvious starting point of ebay, although it is wise to look at the more specialist sites to ensure you are purchasing genuine items.  For more experienced collectors, there are auctions and shows around the country – any good dealer will give you a list of upcoming events and ideas of qwhere to look for more interesting pieces to add to your collection.

Antiques of every genre often by their nature of course display a marked attachment to the political and industrial climate of their era, but none more so than historical militaria, which often provides enormous insight into the period in which s was manufactured.  Many sites now have disclaimers pointing to the fact that they have no political or social agendas with the militaria they deal in, and some go as far as to remove offensive symbolism from their sales literature – browsing the net we found several sites who refuse to display any material containing swastikas or similar.  Most dealers will send images privately which have not been altered in any way, but of course this s a sensitive subject which can attract some negative press.

On a brighter note there are vast amounts of other types of militaria available, from oriental style weaponry to the ever evolving militaria of Russia through the ages, and much of it is reasonably priced for both interest and investment purposes.

Militaria Fairs and Dealers click here for a full list.

Military Books, Models and Guns click here for a full list.

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