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Japanese Art and Antiques

Japanese Art and Antiques

japanese art and antiques 

Japanese art and antiques are very collectable, connected as they are to the extensive culture of the Far East, and there are pieces out there to suit all tastes and pockets.

In terms of craft, and sheer beauty, Asian antiques are avidly collected and studied, and the art of Japan is no exception.  The art of the region has a long and rich history, finely connected to political and cultural events.  Japan has a rich history involving invasions and assimilations, and we can see from antiques of different periods a complex aesthetic preference which has absorbed and evolved foreign influences.  Japanese art covers a multitude of styles and media, from painting, lacquer work and furniture to swords, porcelain and pottery, and covers a host of subject matter.  Early Japanese art concentrates on the mystical, with elements of Buddhism and the spiritual, growing more secular with time, but collectors find the structure and form of Japanese art appeals whatever the period.

Starting this type of collection or choosing a single piece can be daunting, especially with so many sources on the internet, but its is strongly advised that you find a good dealer who understands the period and can source genuine antiques for you, ensuring that you aren't purchasing reproduction items.  Many of these come directly from China, appealing for appearance but not authenticity, so make sure you find a trusted source so that you can enjoy the beauty of your art and know you have made a sound investment!

japanese art

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