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Investing in Antiques

Investing in antiques and collectables

At a time when many other areas of investment have offered little return, investing in the art and antiques market can provide much more interest than just a steady income.

There has never been such a good time to buy - as always, good, rare, desirable things are out there waiting to be acquired.  Much enjoyment can be found in looking for, and buying, antique furniture and collectables.  There is excitement in seeing a piece you itch to own, and then the pleasure of taking delivery and it becoming part of your home.  Hand it down through the generations or trade it in for another piece and enjoy the investment all over again.  There will always be lasting value in good quality collectables and fine antique furniture.

A new pastime might grow from your investments
One of the major influences since the 1970's has been the increase in information available on all aspects of the antiques trade.  Collecting is a wonderful hobby and what makes it more fascinating is being able to browse through books with accurate descriptions.  A good bookshop offers all of this and more.  They will have a large stock of second hand and Antiquarian books covering many subjects.  Put aside a half hour today to indulge your literary curiosity. 
The collector, enthusiast or interior designer will profit most from reading and gathering information and inspiration as they go.  Having said it is good to read up on an item, and easy to see an image, there is still no comparison to actually handling a beautiful antique that has survived many years.  Increase your antiques knowledge and take pleasure in sharing your enthusiasm with your friends and family. 

Very often a style or type of furniture has a story attached to it, giving an insight into the life and times of its manufacture.  For example, Davenport writing desks were first introduced in the 1790's.  They are said to take their name from the first client who ordered one from the Lancaster firm of Gillows, Captain Davenport.  The desks were typically made for the lady of the house to prepare the household accounts and other correspondence.  Davenports have neat, well fitted interiors with a multitude of compartments for stationery, writing equipment and ink wells.

Search out the rare and unusual.  This musical chair, in itself a beautiful object, contains a secret: it surprises users by playing music when sat on.  These are increasingly rare because, through a combination of their open fragile construction and their regular use, not many have survived to the present day.  It would make an attractive addition to a collection. 

Antiques - The best investment you'll ever make.
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