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Insuring Your Most Valued Items

Insuring your most valued items

There are many ways to keep your home insurance premium down, from securing your home to securing your belongings, and with the global recession still hitting us hard there has never been a better time to make sure you insure your home properly.

Buildings insurance – This is the structural insurance for the main part of your home, but can include garages, sheds, outbuildings and swimming pools.  The big mistake people make when calculating their buildings insurance is overvaluation.  Remember that to you it’s a home but to the insurance companies it’s a building and you need to estimate the rebuild price should your home need to be rebuilt because of a fire for example, and not the market price.  It’s a good idea to hire a surveyor to conduct a quick survey and value your rebuild cost for you as an excessive quote will mean a higher premium.

Contents insurance – This is the insurance that will cover the contents of your home should you be the victim of a burglary or a fire.  However, many people make mistakes here too and the most common one is assuming that things will be insured when in fact they are not.  The contents that falls into this category are referred to as ‘specialist items’ and can be anything from sports equipment to antiques.  It is important to notify your insurance company of any specialist items you own and keep at home when discussing your premium. 

Sports equipment will not be a football, and common items such as golf clubs are normally covered by the standard insurance, but ski equipment and surf boards for example would not be covered.  To keep the premium down you need to ensure that any equipment is locked away at night in a secure garage or shed and kept out of sight from potential thieves. 

Antiques also need to be specifically mentioned, otherwise the insurance company will not know they exist and therefore will not allow for them when calculating your premium.  Antiques are some of the most sought after and rewarding items for burglars to take and homes are targeted specifically if they’re known to contain valuable ones.  If you own unique and valuable antiques then you can keep your premium down by keeping them out of sight from the window or taking simple measures such as fitting net curtains so nosey would-be thieves cannot see in. 

And lastly, remember to shop around for the best deals, companies are more than willing to undercut their rivals and you can take out insurance on your most valued items.  If you are currently looking to renew your policy then check out Kwik Fit Insurance to get 15% off combined home insurance
Happy Hunting!
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