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British Military Medals

British Military Medals

Campaign and military medals are a helpful tool for researchers looking to understand military history and can give a fascinating insight into military careers and imperial history.  For more than 200 years, the British have marked wars, campaigns and battles; fought, won and lost, by the award of medals.  Sufficient numbers have made collecting medals a practical and enjoyable pastime.

Roughly split in to two groups – official campaign medals awarded for service in active operations; and gallantry medals which have been awarded for specific acts, medals are a well established part of British military tradition, and have been collected by enthusiasts for almost as long.  The hobby has in recent years become more than just about a collection, instead concentrating on the background of the recipient, and in some cases a military genealogy which can follow several generations of an entire family.  This is commonly the case with medals for the World Wars of 1914-18 and 1939-45; few families escaped some military involvement in the great conflicts of the 20th Century.

Peter Duckers guide to British Military Medals provides comprehensive information for anyone interested in the field, and provides an in depth look at the evolution of the hobby.  Covering the genre from the early period, starting with possibly the first standardised medal system the Commonwealth Naval medal, from 1649.  Well illustrated, this guide is an essential tool for anyone interested in collectable medals.
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