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Are Antiques a Future Proof Investment?

Are Antiques a Future Proof Investment?

No matter where you go or who you talk to, news of the great credit crunch is prevalent everywhere.  In the current financial climate, buying antiques and collectables may not seem the most obvious idea, but actually, in some ways, it ought to be.

Buying antiques and collectibles now while the prices are low does make sense.  During these recessionary times dealers are aware that buyers are very conscious of price, and of course there are deals to be had from a variety of sources.  Of course everyone has heard the stories of people finding an old painting in their grandparents attic, selling it at auction and feeling as if they have won the lottery, but realistically such treasures are hard to come by.  Instead you need to look for items which will keep their value and their desirability.  Fads for certain articles will always be around.  But don’t necessarily assume that because your find is currently fashionable it will hold its value – go for classic style and value until you are much more sure of the market.  Many dealers will offer advice on investment pieces and there are a whole host of internet sites and websites dedicated to giving us an education in what is of value and why, so research is an excellent idea.

Antiques and collectables will remain good investments for the knowledgeable buyer, and spare cash, however difficult it may be to come by, is always worth investing.  Items such as silver, good furniture, or rare collectables will hold their value, and of course, unlike new furniture will continue to increase in value with the correct care ad attention.  It is worth buying antiques in the best possible condition, because then you won’t have to spend on refurbishing, and in some cases a restoration that is less than perfect can diminish the value of your item. 

Prices should be reasonable, so you need to start searching out your bargain.  Auctions are always very useful, as are dealerships and small outlets, and of course there is always the internet.  If you are buying for investment purposes, do bear in mind that there are plenty of reproduction items out there, many of which look wonderful but won’t do the job you require of them.  Check for authenticity, use a reputable dealer and of course, protect yourself in all the usual ways when using the internet.  Go via a directory website, look for secure payment sites, and don’t be afraid to ask if your chosen dealer is part of any associations to reassure you.

No matter how good the investment, please don’t forget that you will need to live with your investment, so do make sure whatever items you choose, you like them, and that they appeal to you visually as well as financially.  It is all very well investing in a piece of fabulous art, but if you hate the look of it in your home, you may as well put your money back under the mattress!
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