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Advice on Architectural Salvage

Home Improvements? Have You Thought about Architectural Salvage?

Thanks to a multitude of home makeover shows and magazines giving us tips and hints on how to achieve the perfect home, the architectural salvage industry has grown considerably on the UK in recent years.  The modern preoccupation with recycling plays a part in this – the re use of architectural items from old bath and fireplaces to using timber in buildings is not a new concept but has been popularized by plenty of media exposure.

Quite often in the demolition of older buildings takes place after a professional team of salvagers have been in stripped down any useful or interesting items, which are then reconditioned and reused.  Environmentally this is a sound idea, but of course from a design perspective also makes perfect sense.  There are many uses for architectural antiques, from use as exposed structural devices like beams and joists, and a good architect will help you work salvaged materials into your design if you request it.  There are also endless uses for home fittings from the obvious antique sanitary ware, which can replace your plastic tub with an elegant, claw footed affair; to using stained glass in an interior (non load bearing) wall to open up the space, or a fireplace with a modern appliance installed.  Architectural antiques will work in large, modern spaces as a design feature or as you would expect in antique filled period properties during a restoration project – the key is to choose articles which suit the size of your setting and offer something to the room that you like; and most dealers are very passionate about their subject, so do ask as they will be more than happy to advise!
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