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Your online UK based directory with comprehensive alphabetical and regional listings of antiques, collectibles, memorabilia and hobbies supplies and services.  With over 3000 companies including clubs, dealers, antique and junk shops, associations and more throughout the UK, your search for antiques is over! Find easy to navigate listings of auction houses, fairs and showrooms. 

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We also have listings in our online directory for collectibles, glassware, ceramics, porcelain, paper, bookbinding, coins, medal, posters, comics, oriental carpets and militaria.  We have dedicated sections for doll and teddy bear dealers and restoration, as well as interior and architectural salvage and restoration.  Search throughout the UK, by region classification or keyword.

This exciting website is regularly updated, so advertisers can become part of an ever growing network of dealers, restorers and suppliers, in this exclusively UK based resource for the industry.  If you should decide to advertise with the Antiques, Collectibles and Memorabilia online directory, you also have the option of adding an access key to enable you to update your online information as often as you need to, immediately, meaning you can update according to schedule and stock availability without needing to wait for webmaster approval - contact us for further info.

The Antiques Website and its sister hard copy directory are updated regularly, covering shows and events around the country as part of our committed and ongoing promotion. 

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Royal (HRH) Collectables and Memorabilia

Diamond Jubilee commemorative coins 
The past few years have been an exciting time for collectable enthusiasts with a huge amount of memorabilia and commemoratives entering the market for a variety of UK based events.  The biggest Royal Wedding of the decade, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge offered a National holiday and a great opportunity for monarchists and those interested in current affairs to choose the pick of a whole host of commemorative items.

The Royal Jubilee in 2012 gave us a 4 day celebratory weekend and a plethora of collectables and souvenirs from commemorative coins and mugs including a distinctive 5 coin, plus stamps, miniatures and ceramics.  Royal Mail printed a special set of 6 stamps including images of the Queen from 1952, 1953, 1960, 1968 and 1971.

More recently (2013) the birth of George, Prince of Cambridge, has flooded the market with a mixture of luxury collectables, including magazines, posters and ceramics, as well as some slightly less heirloom pieces - we have even seen Prince George baby gro's and dummys!

Many collectors may well be expanding a collection of Royal Memorabilia spanning previous Jubilee celebrations, weddings and births, while younger collectors may find this a fascinating starting point for a new hobby.

As always with memorabilia, our advice is twofold - consider a combination of quality and rarity.  At the same time, rare, more costly pieces are likely to be worth more as an investment, for example limited edition coins or stamps.  History has shown that mass produced Coronation and Jubilee items have tended to hold their worth less well than more specially produced, crafted collectables.  Much of the mass produced commemorative fayre on offer will be of little long term value due simply to the sheer scale of production.  It may help to examine memorabilia from the Queens Silver Jubilee which is still relatively common but highly prized by collectors, as to what items have retained and increased value, and which have become more rare and therefore more desirable.  The discerning buyer should be looking at limited editions of generally well collected items. 

It is also a good idea to try to choose items you like and admire, which will be apt for your collection and will suit your display methods and home.

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